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Discover where and when Kansas National Guard units answered the call to arms. Read actual historical letters, journals and other documents from the battlefield. Learn more about the heroism and selfless service of our Soldiers and Airmen.

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Museum Resources

The museum has a wide variety of print, document and multimedia sources for doing research on the Kansas National Guard.  These primary sources include unit rosters, soldier records, photographs, movies and personal accounts.  In the coming months some of these sources will be digitized and published here, others will be archived directly for researchers to …

Guard Missions

Approximately 7,500 Guardsmen currently serve the state of Kansas The Guard answers the call, at home or abroad. The incredible versatility of the National Guard enables its troops to respond to domestic emergencies, combat missions, counter-drug efforts, reconstruction missions and more-all with equal speed, strength and efficiency.

Soldiers and Airmen

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Kansas National Guard Unit Lineage

The Kansas National Guard has a long history, with many of its units tracing their lineage back to the initial militia regiments of the 1860’s. This page will detail the lineage and honors of many of these units as recorded through the Army Heritage Center and the Center for Military History.

Arms and Equipment

For the Soldiers and Airmen of the Guard, their arms and equipment are the critical tools that allow them to perform their jobs at home and while deployed abroad. This page describes some of the critical weapons, vehicles and equipment that has been used throughout the Kansas National Guard history.

External Resources

The following is a list of relevant websites and web resources for researchers and those interested in further information concerning the Kansas Militia, Kansas National Guard, National Guard, Department of the Army and Department of the Air Force.