Return to Combat and Humanitarian Missions

Civil War (1861-1865)

Twenty regiments of Volunteer infantry and cavalry, plus four separate batteries of artillery were accepted into the service of the Union Army. These units totaled about 21,000 men of which two regiments and one separate battery were Black. Three regiments of American Indians were recruited mostly in Kansas. Approximately 13,400 militia responded to a call from the governor when Gen. Price’s rebel forces were driving toward Kansas. The militia units together with U.S. Volunteers were successful in protecting Kansas against the invasion and defeated rebel forces.

Kansas Civil War Volunteer Units

The 1st Kansas Battery (July 1861-July 1865)
Independent Colored Kansas Battery (June 1864-July 1865)
The 1st Kansas Volunteer Infantry Regiment (May 1861-June 1864)
1st Kansas Volunteer Colored Infantry (Aug 1862-Dec 1864)
The 2nd Kansas Volunteer Infantry Regiment (June-Oct 1861)
The 2nd Kansas Volunteer Cavalry (Oct 1861-Aug 1865)
The 2nd Kansas Colored Volunteer Infantry (June 1863-Oct 1865)
The 2nd Kansas Battery (Aug 1862-Aug 1865)
The 3rd & 4th Kansas Volunteer Infantry Regiments (April 1862-Sept 1865)
The 3rd Kansas Battery (Oct 1862-Jan 1865)
The 5th Kansas Volunteer Cavalry (July 1861-Aug 1865)
The 6th Kansas Volunteer Cavalry (July 1861-Aug 1865)
The 7th Kansas Cavalry (Oct 1861-Sept 1865)
The 8th Kansas Volunteer Infantry (Aug 1861-Jan 1866)
The 9th Kansas Volunteer Cavalry Regiment (Mar 1862-July 1865)
The 10th Kansas Volunteer Infantry (April 1862-Sept 1865)
The 11th Kansas Volunteer Cavalry (April 1863-Sept 1865)
The 12th Kansas Volunteer Infantry Regiment (Sept 1862-June 1865)
The 13th Kansas Volunteer Cavalry (July 1862-June 1865)
The 14th Kansas Volunteer Cavalry Regiment (April 1863-June 1865)
The 15th Kansas Volunteer Cavalry (Oct 1863-Dec 1865)
The 16th Kansas Volunteer Cavalry (Nov 1863-Dec 1865)
The 17th Kansas Volunteer Infantry Regiment (July-Nov 1864)

Other Kansas Civil War Unit Information

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