Return to Combat and Humanitarian Missions

Spanish-American War (1898-1899)

Four regiments of Kansas Volunteers entered into federal service totaling 4,000 men. The Twentieth Kansas served heroically in the Philippine Islands under COL Frederick Funston. Funston remained in the Philippines and effected the capture of the rebel leader with the aid of other officers and some natives. This act hastened an end to the hostilities. Although hostilities ended prior to their arrival and the 3D performed only occupational duties, they were recognized for their efficiency and discipline.

Kansas Spanish-American War Units

The 20th Kansas Volunteer Infantry (May 1898-Oct 1899)
The 21st Regiment Kansas Volunteer Infantry (May-Dec 1898)
The 22nd Regiment Kansas Volunteer Infantry (May-Nov 1898)
The 23rd Regiment Kansas Volunteer Infantry (July 1898-April 1899)

Other Kansas Spanish-American War Information

COL Arthur M. Ferguson: Medal of Honor recipient
MG Frederick Funston: Medal of Honor recipient
LT William B. Trembley: Medal of Honor recipient
CPL Edward White: Medal of Honor recipient