Return to Combat and Humanitarian Missions

Kosovo – Operations Joint Guardian and Enduring Freedom

Operation Joint Guardian refers to U. S. military operations that are part of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) peacekeeping efforts in Kosovo. Operation Enduring Freedom refers to U. S. military operations with the war on terrorism that take place at an overseas site or in support of units going outside the United States.

Btry E (Target Acquisition), 161st FA was deployed to Kosovo in May, 2000, to track incoming artillery, mortar, and small arms fire and provide security. They returned in Dec, 2000.

Det 1, 24th Med Co deployed to Kosovo in Mar, 2003 to provide medical (Air Ambulance) support to the 38th Inf Div. They returned in Feb, 2004. A third rotation of the unit was deployed in Oct, 2003, returning in 2004. A fourth contingent deployed in July, 2005, to provide support for the 40th Division, as well as the 1st Bn, 635th AR. They returned in Jan, 2006.

Over 200 members of the 35th Division deployed to Kosovo as part of Kosovo Force 9 (KFOR 9) in the fall of 2007, commanding Task Force Falcon, a multinational peacekeeping force. They returned to Kansas in 2008.

The 35th MP Co deployed to Kosovo in June, 2004, to provide safety and stability for the people of Kosovo. They returned in March, 2005.

Over 350 soldiers of the 1st Bn, 635th AR departed for Kosovo in Oct, 2004, returning in Jan, 2006, after providing force protection, fixed and roving security, and escort duty missions.