Return to Combat and Humanitarian Missions

Bosnia-Herzegovina – Operations Deliberate Forge and Joint Endeavor

Operation Joint Endeavor refers to U. S. military operations that are part of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) peacekeeping efforts in Bosnia-Herzogovina.

The 35th Inf Div commanded Stabilization Force 13 (SFOR 13) in Bosnia in 2003 as part of Task Force Eagle, a multinational force. They were replaced by the 34th Inf Div six months later.

The 102d Military History Detachment, Topeka, was sent to Bosnia in 1995, assigned to task Force Eagle in Tuzla, Bosnia. They returned home in August, 1996, following eight months in Bosnia.

Btry E (Target Acquisition), 161st FA was deployed to Sarajevo in Feb, 1996, to use their radars in tracking artillery, mortar, and small arms fire. They returned in Nov, 1996.

Two different contingents of the Metro Section, HHB, 35th Division Artillery deployed in Dec, 1996, to provide meteorological support to UN forces in Bosnia-Herzegovina. They returned home in June, 1997.

The 24th Med Co (Air Ambulance), deployed to Bosnia in Feb, 1997, returning seven months later.

Over 250 members of the 190th ARW provided air refueling over Bosnia-Herzegovina, for several months in 2000.