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Afghanistan – Global War on Terrorism and Operation Enduring Freedom

The Global War on Terrorism and Operation Enduring Freedom refer to U. S. military operations associated with the war on terrorism that either take place at an overseas site or in support of units going outside the United States. From 2007 on, this primarily involved Kansas National Guard unit deployments to Afghanistan.

Kansas Global War on Terrorism Units

102d Military History Detachment (1995-July 2009)
Btry E (Target Acquisition), 161st Field Artillery (Feb 1996-Dec 2005)
35th Division Artillery (Dec 1996-June 1997)
Embedded Training Teams – Afghanistan (Jan 2006-2009)
24th Medical Company (Feb 1997-Jan 2006)
190th Air Refueling Wing (July 1999-June 2006)
35th Infantry Division (Jan 2003-2008)
1st Battalion, 127th Field Artillery (June 2005-Oct 2006)
1st Battalion, 161st Field Artillery (Sept 2001-2012)
2nd Battalion, 137th Infantry (Feb 2002-2009)
226th Engineer Company (Jan-July 2003)
731st Transportation Company (March 2003-Nov 2006)
137th Transportation Company (PLS) (Feb 2003-Jan 2004)
Detachment 37, Operation Support Aviation (____-Aug 2003)
2d Battalion, 130th Field Artillery (Feb 2002-2009)
105th Mobile Public Affairs Detachment (Dec 2003-April 2005)
35th Military Police Company (June 2004-2012)
169th Corps Support Battalion (Oct 2004-Nov 2005)
Kansas Army National Guard Medical Command (Jan-April 2004)
42d Rainbow Division (Aug 2004-____)
1st Battalion, 635th Armor (Oct 2004-Jan 2006)
891st Engineer Battalion (Sept 2004-Dec 2004)
995th Maintenance Company (May-Nov 2005)
1st Battalion, 108th Aviation (April 2006-2011)
Headquarters & Headquarters Battery, 130th Field Artillery (April 2006-June 2007)
635th Regional Support Group (April 2006-June 2008)
714th Security Force Company (June 2006-Aug 2007)
184th Security Squadron (2006-Feb 2007)
287th Sustainment Brigade (July 2008-Aug 2009)
Regional Corps Advisory Group (RCAG) (April 2009-2010)
226th Engineer Company (2010-2011)
2d Battalion, 130th Field Artillery & 250th Forward Support Company (Sept 2009-____)
Agricultural Business Development Teams (2009-Sept 2011)
2d Combined Arms Battalion, 137th Infantry (2010-April 2011)
778th Transportation Company (HET) (Oct 2010-Oct 2011)

Other Kansas Global War on Terrorism Unit Information

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