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Donate an Artifact

The museum accepts artifact donations that are relevant to its mission of preserving and presenting heritage of the Kansas National Guard.  We encourage you to bring items in for donation, as we are always looking to expand our collection and present new stories about the Kansas National Guard.

Unit records, books and photographs, uniforms, equipment and firearms, even military vehicles have all been donated to the museum in the past.  Whether the service member was a private or a general, their story is still important. Our ability to tell the stories of the Kansas Air and Army National Guard rest in your hands so please help us present it to the public with your artifact donations.  When you bring an artifact in, please bring any documentation you have on the artifact, including a history of it (if you are able).

Due to space and safety considerations, not all items can be accepted and the acceptance of an object for the museum is not a guarantee that it will be displayed immediately.  Artifacts rotate onto the museum floor depending on the active exhibits so items may not be in the current theme and so they will be saved for later exhibits.  Duplicate items will be maintained in the archive for rotation to the floor and scholarly research.

If you have any questions about donating an artifact, please call the museum office at 785-862-1020.