Museum Exhibits and Displays

Within the Museum walls, the weapons, uniforms and other artifacts carried or worn by Kansas Guardsmen from the Civil War to the War on Terrorism are proudly displayed. These artifacts paint a picture of the Kansas citizen-soldier from the early and bloody days of the birth of our state, to today’s Guard missions around the world.

Explore below to learn more about our displays and collections.

Ongoing Exhibits

The Museum houses a rich variety of arms, equipment and paraphernalia, giving visitors glimpses into the lives of Soldiers and Airmen who have served throughout the 160 year history of the Kansas National Guard. There is a mock Civil War encampment complete with a period stove, artillery piece and even hard tack – depicting the …

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35th Infantry Division Museum

The Museum of the Kansas National Guard is also home to the 35th Division Museum, which includes the 35th Division Hall of Fame. The 35th Infantry Division was formed in 1917 for WWI, and received three battle streamers for battles in France–Ardennes, Alsace, and Meuse-Argonne. It was mobilized in 1940 for WWII and received five …

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Static Displays

The Museum has a wide variety of major equipment on display for visitors to see. From World War One artillery pieces to a KC 135 Refueler, all are accessible on the museum grounds. Guides are available indoors to provide details on the equipment. Or feel free to come in and ask one of the staff. …

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The “Swamp” – M.A.S.H Replica

The 4077th M.A.S.H. is arguably one of the most public faces of the Korean War to America. Featuring the day-to-day operations in a hospital just behind the front lines, this show brought the horrors of the Korean War, as well as the moral and ethical problems that service members in combat zone faced, to American TV …

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Museum Mission and History

Located in Topeka, Kansas, the Museum is dedicated to preserving the heritage of the Kansas National Guard and honoring the memories of the soldiers and airmen who, for over 145 years, have served Kansas and the United States whenever the call was made. Within the Museum walls, the weapons, uniforms and other artifacts carried or …

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