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Civil and Domestic Response Missions

Kansas citizen-soldiers and citizen-airmen have also served our state supporting civil authority in the 1888-89 County Seat Wars, the 1893 Legislative War, labor disputes in 1886 and 1893, and during student unrest over the Vietnam conflict in the 1960s.

They continue to train to assist civil authority today. They also serve to protect Kansans in response to emergencies and disasters throughout the state, including tornadoes, floods, snowstorms and other weather-related and manmade emergencies and disasters.

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Emergency Response

Independence Kansas

During the biennium, troops were ordered into active service to suppress lawlessness and assist civil authorities in upholding the law upon two different occasions. At Independence, Kan., on December 17, 1920, after a clash between whites and blacks in which several persons were killed or injured, the sheriff of Montgomery county called for military aid.

Legislative War

There never was a time after the slavery question was settled, when the crusading spirit was so violent and pronounced. For example, it was then that Frank Doster, one time chief justice of the Kansas Supreme Court, made his now famous statement; “The rights of the user are paramount to the rights of the owner.”” …

Railroad Strikes

In addition to fighting battles the Kansas National Guard has been used to keep the peace during labor strikes. This required Guardsmen to protect replacement workers and the property of the employers. The strikers, however, felt the state was using the Guard to break the strike.

Cadaver Campaign

The trouble had started on Dec. 9, 1895 when it was discovered that the grave of Mrs. I. O. Van Fleet had been robbed of its corpse. Mr. Van Fleet suspected that the Kansas Medical College in Topeka was involved and a search warrant was obtained. In one of the dissecting rooms police found a …