Hall of Fame


Established by the National Guard Association of Kansas to commemorate and recognize individuals who have served in the Kansas National Guard or its predecessor “Kansas State Militia” and who have made a significant contribution to the National Guard achievements, tradition, or history.

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Ralph Runnebaum36_Tafanelli 36_Tafanelli Harrison2 Harrison2 Harrison2 Harrison2 Harrison2 

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Harrison2 Harrison2 Harrison2 Idol krase2 cody Rayl2 Ross2 SmithB2 Cannady2 Dowse2 Link2 Gerhardt2 Huntsman2 McCoy2 MO'Toole2 Buntinghf2 Tincher2 Ryan2 AndersonD2 Rueger2 Billard2 Sommers2 Carbon2 Elder2 WeltmerK2 Baker2 Ballard2 Bennett2 Larson2 DeGraw2 - Copy Steinkruger2 Zerger2 Bartlow2 Hayworth2 Trost2 FoxJ2 Searcy Bleckley2 Hart2 George2 Goetz2 Newby2 Elliott1 Laughon (1) Tritsch2 Dougherty2 Perry2 Porter2 Lentz2 Simpson2 Struckel2 Eckert2 Meyer2 O'Toole2 Shaumeyer2 tice2 Tuxhorn2 Bigelow2 Sarras2 Mullins2 Miller2 Weller2 Ericsson2 Fry2 Hoisington2 Smyth2 Martin2 pliley2 Weltmer2 Bausch2 Boggs2 McLean2 BOYD (1) GARDNER2 Hilleary2 brownejr2 Domingo2 Kennedy2 Loftus2 Barry2 fall2 hames2 Searle2 wark2 2 breiden2 browne2 martin2 Young2 crawford2 Dunkley2 ferg2 funston Nickell Smith trembley2 Weed white2 

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