Featured Artifact

This page will feature one of the Museum’s collection – highlighting it’s history and purpose. Come and visit the Museum to see more.

Jeep Command Vehicle
The Jeep is one of the iconic images of the American military in the 20th Century. This particular example has the 35th Infantry Division stencil on its bumper as well as a full set of command radios in the back. The Soldier beside the Jeep is getting ready to climb in – miles to go before he sleeps. Want to see more? Come to the Museum and check out our extensive collection.
Here is a bottle of bourbon. This “Legacy” bottle was to be drank by the last member of “E” Battery, 130 Field Artillery Regiment. Founded during the tumultuous days of World War 1, this bottle was to be drunk by the last survivor of the unit in honor of his fellow Soldiers. Want to know more? Come to the Museum and check it out.